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GPL Match Preview and Prediction: Medeama vs Legon Cities

GPL Match Preview and Prediction: Medeama vs Legon Cities

GPL Match Preview and Prediction: Medeama vs Legon Cities

Tarkwa based Medeama SC is one of few teams to win seven consecutive matches at home. They have racked an impressive twenty-one (21) points at home in the ongoing Ghana Premier League.

They come up against Legon Cities at the Akoon Park, who defied all odds to hand; Great Olympics their first loss of the second round seeing them cede the position to Kotoko their opponents for this weekend.

The Mauve and Yellow side are slowly picking up the pace, they have three points from a possible six in two matches of the second round.

Their recent acquisitions have hit the ground running, Ahmed Toure has hit four in four for his side, he will be a huge miss for the weekend’s fixture but there are able men in Prince Opoku Agyemang, Zakaria Mumuni, Abass Mohammed, Justice Blay who will be at their lethal best when they faceoff with the Royals.

Legon Cities are still struggling to pitch the pieces together in the league; it’s no doubt that they have picked a paltry seven points from fifteen.

Hans Kwoffie (9) haven’t disappointed since his move from AshGold, Jonas Attuquaye (4), Clement Danso (3) have supported in the goal-scoring but to upset the home side they will have to give off their positive best for a good result away in Tarkwa.

Both sets on different ends of the table, the home side, occupy the 4th spot on the log whiles Legon Cities are a place above the relegation belt.

Prediction: Medeama SC 2-0 Legon Cities

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