Following his side’s loss to Champions League winners Real Madrid in the Super Cup, Jose Mourinho was quick to say that his team was unlikely to face such calibre of opponents in the Premier League and lauded a good display from his lads.

He said, “I am happy with many things in the performance. In the Premier League, we don’t have Real Madrid. Although we have a top team they are a different team with different qualities. The midfield players of Real Madrid, there are no replicas – no replica of Modrić, no replica of Toni Kroos, no replica of Isco, no replica of Casemiro.

“In the second half we found a way to give them difficulties and the kind of football they don’t t like. I am happy with our reaction because after the 2-0 we had a big chance and at 2-1 we had Marcus Rashford face to face with the goalkeeper and we had a fight until the last seconds and to do that is great.”

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When asked about new signing Matic, he answered, “He played really well. In the moment where they were moving the ball more it was difficult for us in midfield but in our good moments, he was really good and especially in our dominant period in the second half  he was what we want him to be – to move the ball in a simple way and give balance to the team and start building from the back. He is a player with great experience and ability.”

He also had high praise for Lukaku too despite him missing an open goal earlier on before scoring the consolation later in the game.

“It is a difficult job to play against a team that dominates possession. He tried. Of course he missed a chance with an open goal but he scored his goal and had a good fight against two good central defenders. I am happy with the way he fits into an amazing group.”

United will now prepare for their season opener against West Ham on Sunday in the Premier where they will be expected to contend for the title.

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