Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has taken the extraordinary step of suggesting a temporary ban on post-match press conferences.

It comes amid a bitter public spat between Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte.

Mourinho, who is enjoying a second season with Manchester United, drew the ire of Conte– his successor at Chelsea – and both have traded insults back and forth.

As much as this has been good for column inches, Guardiola sees things differently, feeling the focus should not be on the managers.

“No. It’s the players, they play. They are the talents,” he is quoted by the Manchester Evening News.

“The message is that we should cancel the press conferences with the managers. It would be much better.

“We leave the players to play. What we are doing here is nothing, we should avoid it.

“I make my statement to the federation, to think about it, to make, for example, three or four months with no press conferences.

“Just watch how the players play and write and talk about what you see. Sometimes I have to come here to explain what everybody has watched – why do I have to explain what everybody has watched?

“It’s on the pitch, football is what happens. All of you give too much credit to the managers – give it to the players, you have to pay attention to that.”

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