Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has accused Jose Mourinho of being “a little man” with their exchange of insults showing no sign of slowing down. 

Conte was responding to comments made by Mourinho who seemed to insinuate that the Blues boss had been involved in “match-fixing”

The Italian was cleared of all wrongdoings by a court back in 2016.

However, Mourinho seemed to suggest otherwise, telling reporters how he has never been suspended for match-fixing, which upset the Italian.

“I think when there are these types of comments, comments where you try to offend the person and don’t know the truth, then you are a little man,” Conte told the BBC after Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Norwich City on Saturday.

Later speaking to BBC Radio 5Live, Conte added: “When is the game against United? We can meet in a room. To try and explain about these comments. I don’t know if he is ready to meet me in a room, just me and him.

“I’m not surprised [at the comments]. He has to know before he speaks because he is suffering from amnesia.”

The story of Conte’s rivalry with Mourinho so far

23 October 2016: Conte says he was “not mocking anyone” after appearing to antagonise Mourinho in Manchester United’s 4-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge

12 February 2017: Conte says he does not like Mourinho’s “joking” after the Manchester United boss said Chelsea cannot be caught because they are a “defensive team”

14 March 2017: Mourinho tells Chelsea fans “I’m still number one” after being heckled during his side’s FA Cup loss at Stamford Bridge

29 July 2017: Conte says that he must avoid “a Mourinho season” as the champions attempt to defend their Premier League title.

19 October 2017: Conte says Mourinho needs to “look at himself” and stop talking about his former side

5th January 2018: Conte reacts to Mourinho assertion that he did not need to act like a “clown” in his technical area saying: “I think he has to see himself in the past – maybe he was speaking about himself in the past.” Later, Conte added: “I am starting to be a bit annoyed. If you want to go to fight with me I am ready. I am improving a bit my English – because this is the real problem for me – otherwise, we can go, we can go to fight.

6th January 2018: Mourinho was then told by a journalist that Conte had been charged by football authorities in the past with failing to report match-fixing.”Did he? Not me,” the United boss replied. Conte responded: “Before you make these kinds of comments you must pay great attention because you show you are a little man. “In the past, he was a little man in many circumstances, he’s a little man in the present and for sure he will be a little man in the future. I consider him a little man and I consider him a man with a very low profile.”

Chelsea next face Manchester United in the English Premier League at Old Trafford on the 25th February.

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