Ghanaian giants Hearts of Oak have criticized under cover investigate journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas for using agent of his Tiger eye PI company to influence their matches in the local top-flight.

The Phobians are ‘disturbed’ that agent of the production company used the club to serve its purpose of exposing corruption in the game.

The latest exposé focused largely on match officials, members of the Ghana FA and the National Sports Authority embroiled in alleged malfeasance.

Agents of the investigative journalist influenced the match officials  on the blind side of the clubs to pain a gloomy picture of the corrupt  practices that have rocked the game.

Hearts of Oak was the hardest hit as several of their Premier League games in the past two years were captured by the agent of the investigate company who influenced match officials ad turn around to accuse clubs of fixing games.

And the Ghanaian giants have been quick to respond to the exposé which was premiered in the capital, Accra on Wednesday.

“While we are pleased and not surprised that no official of our club was implicated in the report, we are deeply disturbed that Accra Hearts of Oak SC was used by actions planted by the production company to serve its purpose. This unauthorized use of impostors posing as club officials is not something we would ever condone, and we strongly condemn it,” part of the statement read

“As a club we have zero-tolerance policy when it comes to any sort of bribery or match manipulation. This policy is covered in our club’s Code of Ethics, in employment agreements and contracts signed by our coaches and players. Anyone violating this policy will be immediately terminated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“We also  strongly believe in due process and hope that those that have been accused have the opportunity to defend themselves without prejudice. That said, we shall call upon those who know they have done wrong to look into the mirror and do the right thing by immediately resigning from their positions.

A number of high profile personalities including FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi have been implicated in the scandal.

Several match officials and other officers of the Ghana FA have been caught in the cross-fire.

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